Breach Readiness:
An "are we there yet?" comparison survey

Have you ever wondered how your organization's breach readiness stacks-up compared to your peers? Take the following anonymous survey and at the end you will be able to compare your responses to those given by respondents in RSA’s 2015 Breach Readiness Assessment.

Content Intelligence

The goal of content intelligence is to provide “data enrichment” capabilities and deliver additional context to security analysts. By leveraging technology to filter out noise and integrate data sources, the value of the data reaching the analyst can be acted upon in a more efficient and accurate manner.

Analytic Intelligence

The ability to analyze threats and produce actionable intelligence through the use of forensics, reverse engineering and malware analysis capabilities is required in order to detect anomalies before harm is done to an organization.

Threat Intelligence

Proactively identifying organizations' likely adversaries and their techniques, tactics and attack vectors is necessary to rapidly identify and respond to attacks. This process of ingesting and synthesizing multiple sources of threat data to generate specific intelligence elevates an organizations ability to respond to security events during daily operations.

Incident Response

These programs consist of a comprehensive set of standard operating procedures for incident handling and response that are regularly tested and updated. Program components include documented procedures, areas of responsibility, standardized checklists, predefined incident severity levels and escalation processes.